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The risk is greater than you might think.

The risk of identity theft is very real. It is a lot more of a problem than most would think; and it can happen to you and your business. Businesses need to shred their sensitive documents to avoid legal action, reputation damage and serious loss of business.

The average information breach costs a business $4.4 million. That is why shredding everything is the best way to make sure you and your customers are protected.

Stop and think about how your business disposes of its information. Ensure everything is properly shredded and securely disposed of.

Medical Practice exposes confidential information.

Posted by: Complete Document Disposal. 16/2/2014

- The video in the link below shows how insecure confidential records are kept in many businesses. They also highlight the possible $1.7m penalty enforceable from March 2014.

Click here to view the short video.

5 Reasons to securely shred all your documents

1. Reduced risk of information breach.
Its pretty simple, when theres no information there to steal, the risk of a breach disappears.
2. Reducing the risk of employee dishonesty.
Shred everything. Stop relying on your employees being honest. Ideally, they would be but you can never be sure. Its not something you should be risking.
3. Save Time
Getting your documents shredded is quick and easy.
4. Dont stress
Securely destroying your documents means you can spend more time working on your business. You dont need to worry about security breaches.
5. Protect your customers and clients
Would you like your information destroyed properly at the places you do business? Do the right thing by your customers and clients and securely destroy their information.

Adopt a Shred All Policy.

Posted by: Complete Document Disposal. 10/7/2013

- By using a "Shred All' policy you can avoid all the risks associated with deciding what to destroy and the manner it is disposed of.

- Letting confidential documents lie around in recycling bins is a huge risk. Recycling bins are not locked and are therefore exposed to passing traffic such as unauthorised staff, neighbors, cleaners even day/night security patrols. Having been involved in the security industry for over 30 years it's amazing to see how much is exposed to the temptations of even the most honest. When it comes to information, who can you trust? If money is stolen it's a one off theft for which the value is known. However with information, once it is stolen it can never be retrieved and the damage can be continuous. What is the value of that theft? Shred All. Then recycle.

Information destruction is critical.

Posted by: Complete Document Disposal. 27/6/2013

Identity theft is actually a multi-billion dollar problem that is part of both common and organised crime. Only one or a couple of pieces of personal information is all that is needed to steal and use your identity. For businesses this is scary. This is why document shredding is important. Shredding all personal information severely reduces the risk, and even at times completely removes it. They can't use what they can't read.

Almost all businesses from banks to home-businesses have personal information either about the company itself, its employees or its customers. It's therefore important that this information is securely destroyed when it is no longer needed. These days, home office shredders simply don't cut it. Not only does it have a high time and financial cost associated (paying an employee to stand around running single sheets through an office shredder) often small shredders to do not provide sufficient shredding security. By letting Complete Document Disposal handle your shredding work you can be sure that your confidential information is kept just that, confidential. Not only confidential, but also completely and utterly destroyed.

Systematic shredding processes have become common place in large corporations to ensure they are dealing with their confidential information effectively. Information has become highly valued and it is critically important for businesses to protect this information.

Shredding is important.

Posted by: Complete Document Disposal. 6/11/2012

There are always benefits and losses when you assign a staff member to do something. More often than not, making an internal staff member do something that could be easily outsourced, simply isn't cost effective. Getting your staff do shred documents within your office is, quite bluntly, a waste of time and money. Office shredders are small, weak and time consuming.

Our industrial shredders save you hours of labour over a small office shredder, while providing you with a better level of security.

In a recent incident, an Atlanta woman spotted paper flying out of a dumpster behind her local bank. Upon closer inspection, all these papers contained confidential, personal information. After notifying authorities and the media, the resulting storm of criticism and bad publicity ruined the banks reputation. Why did this happen? The bank did not put in the simple effort to shred the documents properly. There is really no excuse. Shredding is so secure, cost-effective and timely that there is no reason not to secure your companies image, as well as its livelihood. A gram of prevention is always worth a kilogram of cure.

The bank now has to deal with various legal proceedings and a number of FACTA violations to respond to.

Lifehacker is currently running a series of tutorials where you can learn how to protect your own privacy. A major part of the lesson is protecting what you discard. Disposing of your documents normally is not safe and is not something a smart company would do. The facts are simple and the implications of not shredding your documents can be devastating.

ASIO David Irvine warns about identity theft.

Posted by: Complete Document Disposal. 24/8/2012

Ever changing times has left Australian companies very vulnerable to cyber attacks and business espionage warns ASIO director-general David Irvine. Yesterday he said he believes an overwhelming majority of online business attacks go undetected. This is still that case even while awareness of the threat is growing.

Mr Irvine strongly asserted that business-people must not leave their mobile phones or computers in hotel rooms. He also said that business must be careful when storing confidential data online. He went on to discuss the impact of identity theft on businesses, mentioning the importance of document destruction. Businesses cannot overlook the fact that they need to destroy confidential documents once their use is no longer required.

In 2007, BHP Billiton was quite heavily disrupted when trying to acquire Rio Tinto by a cyber campaign said to have been started in China, who coincidentally strongly opposed the deal.

Now more than ever the threat of identity theft is very real. It threatens, and businesses must do everything possible to protect themselves and their clients/customers.

Workplace Fraud

Link: Workplace fraud affects bottom lines everywhere.

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