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Frequently Asked Questions

While we look forward to answering your questions in person, the information below may be able to answer some queries you might have in relation to Secure Document Destruction and Shredding.

  • We use a recycler, why should we have our documents secuely shredded?

When a recycler takes your paper, he is not obligated to securely dispose the information on the paper he has picked up. Their only concern is to take the paper and recycle it. Secure documents that are disposed of by Complete Document Disposal are accounted for, allocated a certificate of destruction upon request and comply with current privacy legislation. All documents are securely destroyed and disposed.

  • What if we are using an in-house shredder?

Out-sourcing your document shredding is more convinient, secure, efficient and economical. Shredding material in-house at your company can have major security risks.

  • What happens to the paper?

When the paper documents are destroyed they are then recycled to help the environment. Approx. 17 trees are saved per tonne of paper.

  • How much can we fit in a 240 litre lockable security bin?

240 litre secure bins hold up to 10 archive boxes or a 4 drawer filing cabinet.

  • What can we put in the security bin?

The secure lockable bins are designed for confidential documents only, staples and bull-clips are okay. Please note no plastics. The paper that is shredded is then recycled and able to be re ľused again, less Black Balloons.

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