Our trading terms shall form part of the contract which governs the relationship between you and us.

As advised on ordering, CASUAL SERVICE bin/s are available for 14 days free of rental fee, from date of delivery. When the bin/s are full it is your responsibility to call 1300 66 11 77 to organize collection, if this is not done there is a rental fee of $ 25.00 plus GST per week will be charged for each bin until the bin/s are collected By Secure’M (Lost Padlock $ 25.00+GST, Lost Keys $ 25.00+GST). *If the bin/s  are damaged or  not returned for any reason you will be charged $ 130.00+GST per bin.

When ordering 25 KG Bags they are delivered minimum 4 per delivery and must be collected all together (what ever number was delivered at the time) PAPER ONLY same applies as for bins and boxes.

WARNING Bins and Archive boxes PAPER ONLY | Staples and paper clips bull clips OK | NO PLASTICS/PLASTIC SLEEVES |NO MEDIA (CD's, DVD's, FLOPPY) (unless a bin has been booked specifically for media), NO HARD DRIVES OR X-RAYS no wet or dangerous goods, biological waste or food is to be placed in the bins or boxes a contamination fee will be charged of $100.00 + per bin or per job if boxes.

Please note, we invoice on bin delivery, NOT on pickup.

Always include Invoice number with payment to  Secure’M  to avoid confusion (we do not send statements).

OH&S please make sure the bin is on ground level (if there is no lift) on day of collection.

In the event where your overdue account is referred to a collection agency and/or law firm, you will be liable for all costs which would be incurred as if the debt is collected in full, including legal demand costs.

STOP IDENTITY THEFT we strongly advise to keep the Security bin/s with documents in a safe/locked location while awaiting collection by Secure’M  (do not leave bin outside and key in lock at any time)

All casual customers missed delivery or pickup fee will charged at $50.00+GST if bins are booked for collection but not ready.

Making driver wait In the event for any reason whatsoever our drivers are required to wait beyond the normal ten (10) minutes to deliver or collect a bin a waiting time fee will be charged at the rate of $30.00 per quarter hour or part thereof after the first ten (10) minutes.

Scheduled customers will be charged normal rate if customer does not allow the driver to change over the bin/s if they are not full ,we charge for that visit weather the bin/s are full or not.

A minimum of 12 months means, due to reduced rates for regular exchanges, out of mutual goodwill we require the service be maintained for at least that term.

All regular customers EXTRA BINS ordered need to be returned to us within 14 days from date of delivery as rental fees apply after 14 days. Please note this service is different to your regular, scheduled or on call service you currently use, because you are an existing customer we will charge the same rate as your current service.

STOP IDENTITY THEFT   call  SECURE’M on 1300 66 11 77
 “We Protect Your Privacy”